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Last Updated September 13, 2023, 10:48 (UTC)
Created September 12, 2017, 13:09 (UTC)
E-mail Annegreet Veeken
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Abstract Species richness of macroinvertebrates and macrophytes in lake Ringsjon. Macrophyte abundance of in total 19 species measured in presence/absence in 72 transects along the banks of the lake. Macrophytes recorded 11 times between 1992 and 2015. Macroinvertebrate density (ind/m2) measured alongside a 5 m transect in one of the lake's three basins. Density of major macroinvertebrate groups measured from 1996 and others since 2005.
License CC-BY-4.0
Creation date 2017-03-01
Publication date 2017-09-12
Last revision date 2017-05-01
Free keywords macrophytes, fresh water, macroinvertebrates
Temporal start date 1992-03-01
Temporal end date 2015-09-01
Lineage All data has been collected by Ekologgruppen, and has been published in reports on Ringsjon's water board website. Original data files have been lost, therefore also detail in the recordings.
Responsible party Ekologgruppen
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