Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture Rhône-Alpes I.S.A.R.A.

ISARA is a French “grande école” (graduate college) recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture and is located in Lyon. ISARA is a French Higher Education Institution offering a wide range of Bachelor and Master level curricula in agronomy, food science, agribusiness and environmental science.Its scientific policy is oriented towards Agroecology and Sustainable Food systems. It comprises 30 researchers plus 12 staff members and an average of 10 PhD and PostDoc. Among Agroecology and Environment group, a team “aquatic ecosystems” focuses on limnology, ecology of aquatic systems and territorial approaches on water quality. This team performs field study on aquatic systems and particularly fish ponds. They develop a deep analysis of agroecological practices adapted to fish production and biodiversity conservation, according to ecosystem services and social aspects. The technical skills of the team include water and sediment chemistry, algal and aquatic vegetation biodiversity and quantification, hydrology and pollutant transfer, GIS, ecosystem services and social evaluation and co-design of innovations with stakeholders.ISARA has developed a partnership network at local, national and international levels, with more than 50 partners in Europe on agroecology and ecology topics. Researchers of ISARA participate regularly to EU-funded projects (COST, BIODIVERSA, H2020, EMFF). Among other projects, it has been involved in PONDERFUL. For more information please check: