Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse occidentale

HES-SO is the largest university of applied sciences (UAS) in Switzerland and the second largest higher education institution of the country. Education and research are oriented towards practical applications. HES-SO offers a large variety of education programmes. Strongly anchored in the regional economy, HES-SO collaborates closely with SMEs, and its R&D also extends to certain aspects of industrial scale production. HES-SO undertakes research projects with a wide range of partners in Switzerland and abroad. HES-SO has been involved in European Framework Programmes since 1998. In FP7 we participated in 32 collaborative projects, including 3 as coordinator. In H2020 they are beneficiaries in 25 projects, covering the three Pillars of the programme. In PONDERFUL, HES-SO will be represented by HEPIA (Geneva School of Engineering, Architecture and Landscape) and HEIG-VD (School of Management and Engineering Vaud), through the two research institutes inTNE (research institute Land-Nature-Environment) and INSIT (Institute of Territorial Engineering). The research of inTNE develops several topics related to freshwater ecosystems, in relation with human activities and the resulting local and global interferences. A particular strong expertise has been developed on applied research for conservation of freshwater biodiversity and for restoration of ecosystems and landscapes. The research of INSIT has a large expertise in territory management, characterized by an operational approach, with a focus on providing decision-making support. International relations are well developed for both institutes with the involvement in various European projects. For more information please check: https://www.hes-so.ch/