Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research

CIIMAR (Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research of University of Porto) was established in 2000 and mobilises a multidisciplinary, highly skilled and motivated team (418 members, including 189 with PhD) that works at the frontier of blue knowledge and innovation. The CIIMAR mission is to promote transdisciplinary research, technological development and training, contributing to advances in scientific knowledge and sustainability of marine and freshwater environments. We provide innovative solutions towards aquatic ecosystems sustainability, driving biological resources value to tackle tomorrow´s societal needs. To deliver our mission and build a shared understanding and valorisation of the aquatic ecosystems, CIIMAR is strongly involved in partnerships, public engagement and science literacy. CIIMAR’s Communication and Outreach Office have a specialised team that coordinates several national and international science literacy projects, including Ponds with Life Project (Charcos com Vida), that focus on the use of ponds for science and environmental education of students, and Ocean Action Campaign, which was awarded in 2016 with the Green Project Award for the best Mobilization Initiative in Portugal. The long experience of CIIMAR’s Communication Office in science outreach directed to different target audience and using diverse and innovative communication tools will be of great value to the Dissemination of Results (WP5) of PONDERFUL Project. The Centre publishes annually about 420 ISI publications (60% Q1) and supports 120 PhD and MSc theses in European and national training programmes. CIIMAR has been able to attract significant funding through national agencies and competitive applications at EU level (e.g. H2020, INTERREG), with around 25M € in running R&D projects. For more information please check: